Ten commitments an incoming government could make to protect freedom, life and family

Ten commitments an incoming government could make to protect freedom, life and family from Christian Concern  for Christian Today

GNN Note – It would be advisable for all Western nations currently suffering with the liberal pathogen to, at the very least, entertain these concepts and ideas.


As the nation prepares to cast its vote in the election next month, Christian Concern has released its Election Policy Proposals, ten commitments that an incoming government could make to better protect freedom, life and family, for the good of all.

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1. Promote free speech as fundamental to a free society

If we are not free to say what we think then we are not living in a free society. The pressing need is to reject a proposed definition of Islamophobia which would restrict the freedom to criticise the religion of Islam. The government should promote the importance of free speech in all areas of society including in universities where there have been many no-platforming incidents.

2. Abolish the concept of non-crime ‘hate incidents’

The government has refused to say that evangelism would not constitute hate speech. A ‘hate incident’ is defined as any non-crime perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate. This is an entirely subjective definition which is wide open to abuse and to wasting police time on non-crime incidents. Just because someone says an incident is hateful means it is. The government should abolish the whole idea of ‘hate incidents’ and tell the police to concentrate on real crimes.

3. Introduce age-verification for online pornography

The government had plans to introduce this, but they were later dropped citing privacy concerns. Too many children are accessing pornography online, many of them accidentally. 83% of parents agree that age-verification controls should be in place for online pornography. Whilst there may be no totally failsafe method, a basic safeguard would still prevent many children from viewing pornography.

4. Protect the rights of parents to withdraw their children from relationships and sex education

From September 2020 there will be no right of withdrawal from relationships education in primary schools, and no absolute right of withdrawal from sex education in secondary schools. The right of withdrawal ensures that schools take parents’ concerns seriously and enables parents to protect their children. The government should recognise the fundamental right of parents to choose how and when their children are taught about sexual matters.

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