Red Pilled: Grassroots American Awakening

Red Pilled: Grassroots American Awakening ByLiberty Sentinel Staff from The Liberty Sentinel

MESQUITE, Nevada–Speaking at the most recent Red Pill Expo, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Alan Keyes warned that America must re-discover its Christian roots and turn back to God, or face destruction as a nation and as a people. The crowd responded to the rousing speech with a standing ovation.

According to Keyes, the foundations of the United States, including its founding documents, are thoroughly Christian — inseparable from the biblical worldview that produced it. He noted that the entire Trinity was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence: God the Father behind nature’s laws, Jesus the Creator of everything, and the Holy Spirit via Divine Providence.

In an interview with the Liberty Sentinel prior to his November 8 speech in Mesquite, Nevada, Keyes said the only hope for America was for the American people to return to God. That means America must recover a proper understanding of the function of government, too, he said. America must end the evils of abortion and must stand firm for the truth, as well.

Keyes was one of almost 20 high-profile speakersincluding nationally and internationally known leaders, elected officials, health experts, doctors, top activists, and more. Other speakers included cardiologist Dr. Richard Ruhling, SSRI expert Ann Blake Tracy, Freedom Advocates President Michael Shaw, filmmaker and 5G expert Jerry Day, Search for the Cause founder Richard Lear, author John Sneisen, Expo Chairman Dan Happel, radio host Robert Scott Bell, and many more.

Freedom Force International founder G. Edward Griffin, who created the Red Pill Expo, gave an inspiring speech on the importance of being involved in the political sphere. Blasting corruption and tyranny, he said everyone must play a role in fixing it. One of his slogans, which underpins much of Red Pill’s work, is “Don’t fight city hall — Be city hall.” He urged all in attendance to get involved and stay involved to protect individual liberty from the ravishes of collectivism.

VAXXED producer Del Bigtree, a staple at Red Pill Expo events, warned via video about the enormous and largely unstudied dangers of many mandated vaccines. He showed that America, which vaccinates more heavily than any other industrialized country, also has among the worst numbers on infant mortality, child death, and so on — especially compared with other rich countries such as Denmark and Japan that vaccinate far less.

Sheriff Richard Mack, who won a historic case against gun control and federal usurpation at the Supreme Court confirming that sheriff’s are not obligated to enforce federal statutes, spoke out against the growing power of government. Even though he expressed strong disagreement with the use of drugs, as a former undercover narcotics detective, he called for an end to drug prohibition, among other Big Government programs.

There was also good news. Mack talked about a recent conference put on by his organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), and the successes taking place across America. “Sheriffs are now standing up and realizing that their real job is to protect the rights of the people and the United States Constitution,” he said. “That will preserve liberty. That is what we are after. That to preserve these rights, that is why government is instituted among men. That is why we have sheriffs.”

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