Pro-Lifers Will Fight Multi-Million-Dollar Award to Planned Parenthood

Pro-Lifers Will Fight Multi-Million-Dollar Award to Planned Parenthood by   for The New American

Attorneys for David Daleiden (shown) and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) vowed to fight the “unfair” verdict against the undercover investigator and his pro-life group for exposing the harvesting and sale of body parts from aborted babies by Planned Parenthood doctors and personnel.

On November 15, after hearing six weeks of testimony in the civil suit filed by Planned Parenthood, a jury of nine men and one woman took just two hours to render judgment against Daleiden and others defendants in the case.

U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick, who reportedly has ties to Planned Parenthood, had already determined the guilt of Daleiden and his fellow defendants for trespassing “when they attended, undercover, Planned Parenthood conferences in Miami and Orlando and met with Planned Parenthood executives at Planned Parenthood facilities in Colorado and Texas,” as detailed in a report by the Archdiocese of San Francisco. According to that report, Orrick “instructed the jury to only concern themselves with the damages that the defendants are liable for in that trespass, both punitive and actual.” Additionally, according to the Archdiocese report, Orrick instructed the jury that the “defendants breached contracts with Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation and the jury should award damages because of those breaches.”

According to the Thomas More Society, which represented Daleiden and CMP in the case, the jury awarded Planned Parenthood over $2 million in punitive and compensatory damages, along with attorneys’ fees, with that amount to be paid by Daleiden and CMP; Sandra Merritt, one of the undercover investigators; and CMP board members Albin Rhomberg and Troy Newman.

Immediately following the verdict, attorneys for the defendants called the judgment unfair and said they would appeal. “This lawsuit is payback for David Daleiden exposing Planned Parenthood’s dirty business of buying and selling fetal parts and organs,” Thomas More Society attorney Peter Breen told reporters. “We intend to seek vindication for David on appeal. His investigation into criminal activity by America’s largest abortion provider utilized standard investigative journalism techniques, those applied regularly by news outlets across the country.”

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