Persecuted In the Name of Jesus Christ – Nov. 2019

Persecuted In the Name of Jesus Christ – Nov. 2019 by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

We will not back down and we will always profess our God is King of Kings and Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

What you are about to see happened the week of November 11, 2019 in Toronto, Ca. Jesus made it very clear that people would be persecuted for believing and following Him. We have plenty of evidence to show people, around the world, being murdered for their belief. Everyday 11 Christians are murdered, specifically for their belief, in 2019 alone. The war on Christianity, Christian genocide, is ramping up and is the highest in modern history. If the leftist agenda continues to grow – globally – it will be a very short trip to your neighborhood, your church and your family at the lunch counter after church that will be attacked because of your faith.

While the situation in the video doesn’t end with someone losing their life it is only a matter of time before that changes and the next level, in Canada, is reached. We are already receiving stories, daily, from across Europe, where Christians are being attacked, churches and cathedrals are attacked, burned and defiled everyday.

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As we see in so many cases today the victim is made out to be the criminal while criminals are made out to be the victims. The police are complicit in this backwards world. Be sure and listen to the conversation at the very end of the video where the police are describing what happened and who the criminal is and the crimes committed.

I hope you don’t believe the words above or the video below and research this topic yourself. I pray that I am wrong, but, as you will find out, or already know, this is the reality of our world today.

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