Seek, Ask, Knock

Seek, Ask, Knock

What happens if a person begins to seek God? Will they find Him? Will there be barriers placed in the path that keeps God away from an individual? Is the door always open or is shut and we are forced to “knock” for entrance?

Later today there will be a group of men that will begin a journey of salvation. These men, while most will be middle aged or older a few will be just coming into adulthood. None of them have any idea what is about happen. Some will make it and the door will be opened, their lives will absolutely change forever. Most, unfortunately, will not make it on this trip. If those that don’t make it have God on their side they will be given another opportunity – again, most will not make it back. This is not intended to be a downer, it’s just the facts of the situation. It is only by God’s mercy that the words you are reading are allowed to grace the screen – the “typer” has nothing to do with it, it is all because of God.

The management skills that most humans have are terrible. We are an undisciplined people. We need guidance, we need others looking out for us and we need the grace and mercy of a loving God. Most people will not allow this to happen as their pride will happily awaken and re-mind them how great they are and there is no need for an Owners Manual, God, redemption or a Holy Spirit to walk with. Those that come to the realization understand their management skills are less than adequate and at some point in their life realize Jesus Christ is the only “manager” that can set their life on track.

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This does not mean they will awaken one morning in a 47 room mansion that is fully staffed with no expenses. It doesn’t mean that at all. What it means is the pain and suffering will be disappeared. It means their false pride will be put back in it’s rightful place, it means other people will no longer be the source of their problems and reach an understanding that seeking God may be what changes everything. No man can seek, ask or knock for another, we can and should assist in locating the “door”, but it is up to each individual to take the Steps of their own accord.

Matthew 7 NKJV

7 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

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