This Could Be the Church’s Finest Hour

This Could Be the Church’s Finest Hour by Michael L. Brown for Ask Dr Brown

The bad news comes pouring in by the minute. America is divided. America is confused. America is angry. America is messed up – deeply so.

And despite the many good things happening in our nation today – and they are happening by the millions – the good is outweighed by the bad.

There is more darkness than light, more sin than godliness, more flesh than Spirit.

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From the inner cities to the suburbs and from nursery schools to universities, something is terribly wrong with our nation.

We can focus on the epidemic of porn or the crisis of opioid addiction.

We can bemoan the selling of baby parts for profit or we can draw attention to the latest example of radical LGBT activism.

Or we can look at the current political crises or the rising racial tensions or a host of other issues, all of them worthy of our attention.

But the bottom line is this: things are getting darker in our nation.

Yet the darker it gets, the more clearly the light can shine. This can be the church’s finest hour!

Really now, I’m not trying to hype you up or put a band-aid on our country’s deep wounds. I’m not trying to bring a superficial solution to our very serious problems.

I’m simply saying that we, in Jesus, have the answers the world so desperately needs, and outside of the gospel, there are no lasting answers.

We have the message that can set captives free.

We have the message that can bring hope to the hopeless.

We have the message that can put families together.

We have the message that can overcome racism and hatred and bigotry.

This is our time to shine!

Certainly, I see the same headlines you see, like this one posted October 30 on “Trump’s Presidency Has Spawned a New Generation of Witches.”

As the story reported, “On midnight last Friday [October 25], all over the United States, an alliance of magical practitioners called the Magic Resistance gathered Tarot cards, feathers, orange and white candles, pins, water, salt, matches, ashtrays, and unflattering photos of President Trump.” And they read aloud a spell beginning with these words: “Hear me, oh spirits of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, heavenly hosts, demons of the infernal realms, and spirits of the ancestors … I call upon you to bind Donald J. Trump so that his malignant works may fail utterly.”

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