Enough Food For A Year (Level 3 Preparedness)

Enough Food For A Year (Level 3 Preparedness) by  for Modern Survival Blog

“Prepping and Preparedness 3” is a level of being prepared for up to 1 year.

Check the series overview for my logic and reasoning why I split it the way that I did. And also re-read the sections on Food Preparedness for Level 1 & 2.

The following information is intended as a guideline. The details will require research, time, and work on your end. But it’s really not complicated. Lets get started:

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Food Storage Beyond 3 Months | Up To 1 Year


There are several logical reasons that immediately come to mind for storing extra food to last up to one year.

  1. Food prices never go down. You’ll save some money in the long run.
  2. The convenience of having your own ‘mini grocery store’ at home.
  3. Preparedness & peace-of-mind for an extended time of difficulty.


There are a few drawbacks, or things you’ll have to deal with.

  1. The physical space to store all that extra food.
  2. Probably some additional equipment needed to accommodate this.
  3. It will cost some money to set yourself up.
  4. Time will be required for the overall process.
  5. Others may think you’re ‘nuts’.

Choosing Foods For 1 Year Storage

I’ve been doing this for awhile (writing on this subject, and storing foods). Search this blog for all sorts of related topic articles, recommendations and beneficial reader comments within those articles.

With that said, my NUMBER 1 recommendation is to DIVERSIFY the foods and food groups! This will take time and effort. But if you tackle this project one step at a time, you’ll get there…

If you want to do this quickly: It might be the way to go for some people who simply want the quick peace of mind without delving deeply into the process. I get that. And that’s okay with me (everyone has their own priorities). You can buy a 1 year supply of food (or 3 mo. or 6 mo.) in one shot. It will be relatively expensive, but if that’s not necessarily and issue:

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