How The Left Is Weaponizing Cancel Culture To Politicize Children’s Books

How The Left Is Weaponizing Cancel Culture To Politicize Children’s Books By  for The Federalist

If we want our next generation to be well educated in history, science, English, and math, we need more diversity of thought in the classroom and in children’s publishing.

I have worked in the children’s book industry for a long time. In the past few years it has changed and quite rapidly. The book offerings you’ll see in a bookstore or library today are much more diverse than a decade ago.

This is a good thing. All children should be able to find a book they can identify with. All children should be inspired to love literature.

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What isn’t a good thing is that much of the current offerings published recently aren’t about helping children see themselves in a book but indoctrinating children into a particular political and ideological persuasion. The message being sent to children is that all of the world’s ills can be fixed if they turn to activism. No child is too young to start.

I wondered how and why this change is happening so rapidly. Part of the reason is the simple fact that children’s book authors, publishers, editors, and agents overwhelmingly vote Democrat and the industry is mirroring the swift changes in the Democratic Party. Many industry people publicly display their political opinions on Twitter and Facebook. For example, this agent tweets more about his political views than he does his clients or their books.

One children’s book executive editor at Penguin Random House Books for Young Readers, a division of the largest publisher in the country, also does not conceal her political views on Twitter. She frequently retweets comments by Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, MSNBC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rachel Maddow, and others.

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