If Christians Don’t Vote in 2020 in Biggest Numbers Ever, Prepare for Persecution

If Christians Don’t Vote in 2020 in Biggest Numbers Ever, Prepare for Persecution by STEPHEN STRANG for Charisma News

It’s hard to believe the 2020 presidential election is almost exactly a year away. I’ve never seen an election heat up so early. In fact, in some ways, the election of 2016 never really ended. The battle over biblical vs. unbiblical values is still raging—and if Christians don’t turn out to vote in 2020, we could see some scary consequences.

Respected conservative political activist Ralph Reed says that, in some ways, the upcoming election reminds him of when he worked with George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. Reed was a crucial part of Bush’s campaigns from the very beginning. Because the 2000 election resulted in a vote recount in Florida, that election never really ended. Reed says the 2000 and the 2004 election maps are almost identical with two small exceptions.

I invited Reed onto my “Strang Report” podcast to explain his profound insight into the upcoming election.

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“I’m not predicting anything,” he says. “I’m not a prophet. I’m not in the predicting business. I’m not a pundit. But looking at it today with a year to go, it looks to me like this election never really ended. It just kept going. The other side has never accepted Trump as a legitimate president.

“They’ve argued that his election was decided or determined or delivered. [They believe] his victory was delivered by a hostile foreign power. They refuse to accept that they lost and lost fair and square.”

The hostility against Trump has more than just political and cultural effects. It’s also extremely expensive. Reed expects this election to cost anything between $6-$8 billion. He thinks half of that will be spent on the actual presidential campaigns.

Not only that, but the left is so energized for 2020 that they are willing to do almost anything to make sure Trump doesn’t win. Because of this, it’s dangerous for conservatives to think Trump is definitely going to win the election.

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