12 DIY Home Security Hacks for Under $100

12 DIY Home Security Hacks for Under $100

by Tom

Being one of the responsible property owners out there, it’s your duty to keep your residence protected as well as safe. However, it is not the fact that you will be able to do so only by investing a considerable amount of cash.

There are many ways to get the job done without breaking the bank and sometimes you can do it free of cost as well. In the following paragraphs, we will be mentioning some surefire DIY home security hacks that will come of use to every homeowner out there.

But, first, we will talk about those things which are actually going on in the minds of the burglars.

Things Going On In the Minds of the Burglars:

  • In case alarm systems are installed in your residence, about 90% of the burglars will try to avoid entering your house.
  • The favorite time for the intruders to enter your home will be the daytime when none is present inside.
  • It will be possible for the burglars to understand whether your abode is vacant or not by looking at the recycling bins, trashcans, and a lawn which is overgrown.
  • Nearly 30% of the burglars are in the habit of entering residences without exerting any force by means of an unlocked window, door or any other opening.
  • On some occasions, these intruders may also knock the front door and in case someone answers from inside they will come up with some fake stories.
  • Instead of going to the bedroom of the kid, the housebreaker will go directly to the master bedroom.
  • Most of them will think that someone is within the house in case they hear television or radio going on.
  • The thieves dislike a couple of things, in particular, namely curious neighbors and barking canines.
  • Next, we are going to mention the top 12 DIY home security hacks below $20.

1. Fortify the door

The first and foremost thing to protect your residence against robbers will be to strengthen your door. For this, you can do several things which will make sure that intruders cannot enter into your house forcibly.

  • Make sure to swap the regular lock using long-throw deadbolts
  • Prevent entry by using reinforced strike plates
  • Make the door more secured by using long wooden screws drilled right into the doorframe
  • Use a metal frame to replace the regular wooden frame
  • Make use of more than 1 lock at various heights and a couple of them at the identical height
  • Make use of a steel core door rather than a regular wooden door
  • Make certain that the locking mechanisms are left exposed in the doors and windows

2. Make the sliding glass doors and the windows secure

The most common entry point of the intruders happens to be the front door. After the front door, the windows and the rest of the doors are the most common avenues of entering a house. Sliding doors, in particular, can be lifted from their tracks easily and this makes them vulnerable to the housebreakers. Windows are also targeted by these criminals.

However, it is feasible to keep something in the track of the windows and the sliding doors to prevent them from being forcibly opened. You may use a charlie bar in case of the sliding glass doors for this. Otherwise, using a wooden or metallic rod in the track will also not be a bad idea.

You can also secure the windows in the same manner. Screws can be placed in the tracks or additional locks can also be provided to the windows to make them secure.

3. Contact the post office

In case you are going to some distant place away from your residence, make sure to inform the local post office to place a hold on your mails. The same can be said of the daily newspaper delivery to your house.

In fact, a burglar can easily understand that your house is empty in case they see a pile of mails overflowing from your mailbox. A heap of newspapers at your doorstep will convey the same thing to them.

You might likewise request your friendly neighbors to collect the newspapers each morning while you are out of the station. This way you can avoid informing the burglars about the fact that your house is vacant.

4. False home security sign

Criminals have plenty of targets in front of them and your house might also be one of them. Therefore, you ought to do something that will not encourage them to enter your house by force. You can make use of a false security system sign (here is an ADT sign on Amazon.com) in the front yard. This will serve the purpose of protecting your house at a relatively inexpensive rate.

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