Do Christians Have Authority to Tell Demons to ‘Shut Up’?

Do Christians Have Authority to Tell Demons to ‘Shut Up’? by KENDRA SEMMEN for Charisma News

GNN Note – If we seek God’s grace, God’s will nothing is impossible.


Do you recognize the authority you have in Jesus to rebuke the enemy and his lies, as a son or daughter of the King? Don’t believe Satan’s manipulative lies, says Pastor Joshua Reyes. The church needs you to step into the power you have in Jesus to help break off chains that are not only binding yourself, but binding others too.

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“Early on, when I was learning about deliverance ministry and casting out demons, I was witnessing a Christian woman scream at this person who was manifesting demonically and this demon was shouting all types of obscenities. And the woman began to say, ‘Shut up, shut up, shut your mouth in Jesus’ name.’ And then the demon could no longer speak. … I didn’t realize at the time that we have that same kind of authority to tell these demons to shut up in Jesus’ name.”

Staying in prayer and in the Word of God are key to discerning whether our thoughts are just lies from the enemy, Reyes says on the “Legacy” podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“If we are not setting our mind on the things of God, we can easily be manipulated by the subtle voice of the enemy. So to silence the lies of Satan, you must have a passion for God, you must know His presence and you have to be sensitive to His purpose. When you’re confident about these three things, no lie can deviate you from the truth. Our confidence comes from knowing the written truth.”

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