Pelosi Caves to Republican Demands for Impeachment Vote, Transparency, Due Process, Rules

Pelosi Caves to Republican Demands for Impeachment Vote, Transparency, Due Process, Rules By Craig Bannister for CNS News

GNN Note – The real shame of this whole thing is that it’s happening in the first place. The do-nothing democrats hate Trump more than they love our country. My prayer is that, not only do the democrats receive an ole-fashioned behind-the-barn whopping for the office of President, but the democrat senators and congressmen suffer the same fate.


Even though President Donald Trump’s call for a full House vote on Democrats’ impeachment inquiry “has no merit,” the vote will take place, anyway, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared Monday.

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“Multiple past impeachments have gone forward without any authorizing resolutions,” Rep. Pelosi said in a letter to her Democrat colleagues announcing that a full House vote will be held this week, reportedly, on Thursday. The resolution “affirms the ongoing, existing investigation that is currently being conducted by our committees,” Pelosi writes. But, as The Wall Street Journal reports, “This isn’t a vote to authorize starting an impeachment inquiry.”

However, the resolution will, apparently, make several key changes to the impeachment inquiry process that Republicans have been demanding:

  •          Transfers evidence from the House Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee,
  •          Makes the hearings “open to the American people,”
  •           “Authorizes disclosure of deposition transcripts,” and
  •          “Sets forth due process rights for the President and his Counsel.”

Pelosi’s full letter appears below:

Dear Democratic Colleague,

For weeks, the President, his Counsel in the White House, and his allies in Congress have made the baseless claim that the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry “lacks the necessary authorization for a valid impeachment proceeding.”  They argue that, because the House has not taken a vote, they may simply pretend the impeachment inquiry does not exist.

Of course, this argument has no merit.  The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”  Multiple past impeachments have gone forward without any authorizing resolutions.  Just last week, a federal court confirmed that the House is not required to hold a vote and that imposing such a requirement would be “an impermissible intrusion on the House’s constitutional authority.”  More than 300 legal scholars have also refuted this argument, concluding that “the Constitution does not mandate the process for impeachment and there is no constitutional requirement that the House of Representatives authorize an impeachment inquiry before one begins.”

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