Could This Godly Shift in Hollywood Bring the Revival America Needs?

Could This Godly Shift in Hollywood Bring the Revival America Needs? by STEPHEN STRANG for Charisma News

GNN Note – It sure could, if you believe the enemy is prone to doing the right thing for humanity and follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Otherwise, you understand the enemy is the “great deceiver”, a liar, at it’s core. Hollywood and the entertainment industry see an opportunity and see the rising tide of Christian music, Christian influence and are doing their part to capitalize upon what is seen. I just stated earlier today that I do not believe the reports about Christianity failing in this country, I believe the enemy, the great deceiver, knows and sees the rise of Our Lord and understand He is coming back to homes and families all around the world. – these mass influencers must do their part to get out in front of this rising tide.


You know how much movies influence our culture. And I’m sure you are aware that Hollywood is definitely not Christian, and yet there’s light in the darkness. Movieguide Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr says there are exciting things happening in Hollywood that have potential to shift our culture.

I recently invited Baehr, who is also the chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, onto my “Strang Report” podcast. He says we are seeing more positive portrayals of Christians in movies than we have in a long time. (Listen to my previous interview with Baehr about the impact of faith-based films in Hollywood.)

Some of the major Blockbusters of this year have portrayed traditional marriage in a positive light. For instance, in How to Train Your Dragon, the protagonist must become a man—that is, learn to be courageous and stand up for others—in order to get married. You can see the same godly theme in this year’s Lego MovieToy Story and even Dumbo.

“Some of these movies are over a billion dollars at the box office,” Baehr tells me. “Almost all these people behind the movies are people who know us, people who have come to our gala, people who have heard our statistics that 125 million people go to church every week and that only 25 million people go to movies.”

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