6 Easy Ways to Save Money Prepping

6 Easy Ways to Save Money Prepping by Tom Marlowe for The Survivalist Blog
Prepping, no matter how you do it, takes a certain financial commitment. Prepping is in many ways a lot like saving in that you have to do without and sacrifice today to ensure a better tomorrow. But unlike traditional piggy banking, you won’t see a return on your investment unless things go wrong, like bad wrong.

So while prepping is not a financial liability, per se, it does hoover up your cash, sometimes a lot of it, and getting significant others and loved ones on board the prepping bus can be challenging if a ticket to ride is too costly.

No matter how worried or how passionate you are, you still need to pay the bills, keep the lights on, your insurance and taxes paid and so forth. Somewhere in all of that you might actually want to do something nice for yourselves!

Lucky for you, we are here to help. In this article we’ll give you some ideas on how to stretch those nickels and make your money go as far as possible when you are prepping.

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Watch Your Dimes and the Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves

Prepping isn’t always a noticeable financial hit. What’s a can of beans and a packet of tuna added to every grocery run, eh? Not much! But some preps are big expenses: things like guns, generators, training, vehicle upgrades, property, bulk buys of everything from ammo to clothing to rice and water.

Even if you are prepping small scale, “balling on a budget,” or “caching with coupons,” you can do more with the same amount of resources if you are smart.

Efficiency and adaptability are the hallmarks of good preppers, and that means avoiding waste and loss of useful materiel and provisions. Why should your dollars be any different? Saving just 10% on every, single purchase may not seem like much, but that is $10 for every hundred you spend.

If you do that twice a week that’s $20 still in your wallet. That’s $80 a month, or $960 a year! That is one really nice handgun, a good rifle, a pair of shotguns, a couple cases of ammo, a load of MREs, a ton of bottled water, or at least two professional skill-building classes in just about any discipline or area of expertise you can think of.

Who wouldn’t want any of that?! Not one prepper, I say. Even if you are all set on the provision front, cash is a prep in itself. How big is your nest egg?

Lateral Moves

He or she who knows more requires less. It is true that skills and expertise can make up for all kinds of gadgetry. The old fable of the lone survivor who heads into the woods with their knife and hatchet and nothing more to carve out a shelter and subsequently live, truly live off the land is no myth! It is harder than woodpecker lips and make no mistake, but it can be done if you are good enough and know enough!

The more you know, the less you’ll need all in all, because you can get things done that lesser-skilled folks couldn’t without their gear, and also because you will go through gear slower: better skill means fewer mistakes and fewer instances of pushing your tools past its design limits

You know why your grandpa had that 100 year old axe? It isn’t necessarily because the axe was made better back then, although many times they were, it was because he knew what the hell he was doing and he took care of his tools.

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