A conversation about abortion with my Uber driver

A conversation about abortion with my Uber driver By John Eidson for American Thinker

With a client list that includes some of Hollywood’s biggest motion picture studios, the 30-something Uber driver who gave me a ride home from a doctor’s appointment searches out locations to shoot scenes for feature-length films and other video productions.

When I asked what he thought about Georgia’s new heartbeat abortion law, he jumped in with both left feet, saying the law is stupid and will be a financial disaster for movie industry employees in Georgia because of threats by motion picture producers to boycott the state.

This is the brief conversation we had right before he pulled into my driveway:

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Uber driver: “The law is so stupid, men trying to tell women what they can’t do with their own body.”

Me: “I used to be pro-choice too, until I found out what’s involved in having an abortion.”

Uber driver: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Do you know how abortions are performed?”

Uber driver: “Not really.”

Me. “Well, for example, in a second-trimester surgical abortion, the abortion doctor uses what’s called a Sopher clamp, an instrument with serrated teeth on the business end.  The abortion doctor uses the Sopher clamp to probe inside the patient’s womb.  When he feels something, he clamps down and pulls hard, and out comes an arm or a —”

Before I could finish the sentence, my Uber driver raised his hand and pleaded, “Please, please.  I don’t want to hear any more!”

Shocked by a gruesome fact he’d never heard, this opinionated Millennial didn’t have the slightest clue of how horrifying abortion procedures are, especially in the second and third trimesters.

Like my Uber driver and most other Americans, most women who have an abortion are clueless about the violent means through which unborn babies are killed.  Planned Parenthood certainly doesn’t tell them.  Should that deeply disturbing information become widely known, the number of women opting for an abortion would likely plummet.

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