Attorneys: Dad opposing 7-year-old’s gender ‘transition’ is ‘unstable’

Attorneys: Dad opposing 7-year-old’s gender ‘transition’ is ‘unstable’ by Madeleine Jacob for Life Site News

TEXAS, October 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Attorneys for the mother trying to force her ex-husband to go along with the gender “transition” she seeks for their seven-year-old son said in court yesterday the case is about parenting, not “gender transitioning.”

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Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician, has been telling her son James he’s a girl since he was three. She and her ex-husband, Jeffery Younger, are in court this week as Georgulas seeks complete control over decision-making ability for James and his twin, Jude.

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Georgulas’ attorneys, Jessica Janicek and Laura Hayes, argued that Younger is “insensitive, narcissistic, controlling, [and] unstable,” and that he refuses to follow the court’s orders. Meanwhile, Georgulas is “sensitive” and “empathetic,” and provides her son – whom she enrolled in kindergarten as a girl named “Luna” – a stable, loving environment while following court orders, they claimed.

Additionally, they claimed Younger was committing fraud by using the money raised through the Save James website for his own personal expenses. Ms. Janicek’s opening statements were laden with imagery and emotional pleas to the jury.

Younger’s attorney, Logan Odeneal, asked the jury to clearly review the facts of the case and to consider the actions of both parties. He argued that Younger is seeking a second opinion for his son’s diagnosis of “gender dysphoria.” Georgulas engaged in “doctor shopping” to find a doctor who would say what she wanted to hear, Odeneal said.

He pointed out that Younger is seeking to prevent his seven-year-old son from making a permanent, life-altering decision by undergoing a gender “transition.” He focused the attention of the case on the potential harm a medical “transition” would pose to James, a step he said Georgulas will take if granted sole managing conservatorship.

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