Feeding The Soul

Feeding The Soul

We take food for our body and love for our Spirit. Our soul needs a little something as well. When we reach out to help others, smile and say thank you for being does this feed your soul?

Food is love. When we offer to break bread with those around us that have been rejected by society we are bringing Light to the darkness. We are sharing love where little or none existed before. By His strips we are freed. By His scars we feel love. By His pain and blood we are washed clean. How much easier can it be to extend a hand to someone that needs it? When you look into the eyes of someone that has been beaten about by the storms of life and the faintest of smiles shines through, you understand God’s love is real. You know He came to drag all of us out of the fire, place our feet on solid rock and push us to help another find the door knob that opens the door to reveal His glory that they seek and didn’t even realize that’s what they have sought their entire life. I am not worthy of His love but He is worthy of all praise.


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We love helping others and believe that’s one of the reasons we are chosen as Ambassadors of the Kingdom, to serve God’s children. We look to the Greatest Commandment as our Powering force.

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