Susan Rice: Trump’s Presidency ‘Far Worse Than I Ever Could Have Imagined’

Susan Rice: Trump’s Presidency ‘Far Worse Than I Ever Could Have Imagined’

GNN Note – Susan Rice should be under investigation for treason, not spreading lies through corporate media.


Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice told “CBS This Morning” on Thursday that she considers the presidency of Donald Trump to be “far worse” than she could have ever imagined, and she’s “not hopeful” about him or his policies.

Asked whether Trump’s presidency has been worse than expected, Rice said, “Far worse than I ever could have imagined. Far worse.

As to whether she’s hopeful, Rice said, “I’m not hopeful about this president or his policies. I’m desperately concerned to be as frank as I can. What I’m hopeful about is America’s capacity to grow and change and to renew itself.”

Rice said that she regrets making the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows to give what turned out to be an inaccurate assessment of what led to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

“I regret it mostly because … what happened as a result of that is something I was always taught never to let happen, which is to have other people define me for me,” she said.

Rice said during that time her daughter, Maris, who was nine years old at the time began hallucinating as a result of the stress Rice was experiencing.

“She was scared. She was seeing images of men coming out of the walls at her. We didn’t know what else to characterize these as than hallucinations. We took her to all kind of doctors and were left with the conclusion that in all likelihood this was a stress reaction to what I was going through. And we as parents, I regret, I think, failed to understand that, you know, a TV in the background that we are tuning out, a little kid may not,” she said.

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