Weathering the Storm Together, Chapter 5: Friend or Foe?

Weathering the Storm Together, Chapter 5: Friend or Foe? by Megan Stewart for The Survivalist Blog

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In front of her, Steve was still running full tilt toward the Durango, he was nearly to them but the strange man was going to reach her and the kids first. “Jeff! Get up here.” Jeff immediately climbed from the 3rd row seat, over the cat carrier and into the passenger’s seat.

“Sammy. Get Delia out of her carseat and down onto the floor with you. “I’m getting out to help Dad. Don’t open these doors unless Dad or I tell you to. Jeff, when I get out, slide over here, lock this door, and start the car. If Dad or I yell for you to go, you put this car in drive and go as far as you can straight down this road, you understand?” Jeff nodded.

Jess could tell he was terrified but he had his temporary permit and he had driven before. Even with a flat he could at least get the kids away from immediate danger. “Remember how to watch the mile markers, to tell what road and where you are?” Jeff nodded.

“I know, mom.” Jess handed him the key to the car.

“Sammy, take my phone. Call Grandma’s number, see it right here? If Jeff starts driving, call Grandma as soon as you have service. We’ll catch up if need be, but Jeff you just keep driving for as long as you can.”

Jess grabbed the door handle and steeled herself for what was to come. “I love you guys.” she said as she swung the door open. Almost in one motion, Jess closed the car door and brought the gun up toward the stranger walking towards them in the darkness.

“That’s close enough.” Jess growled. Her mama bear instincts had kicked in full force. This guy wasn’t getting to her kids without a fight.

“Whoa there little lady. It’s me, Ned.” the booming voice from the darkness slowly morphed into old Mr. Crankston. “Ned Crankston, from your neighborhood.” Jess cried out in relief and surprise. She lowered the gun. Mr. Crankston took a cautious step forward. She felt like the world was spinning. From behind her she could hear Steve calling her name.

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