‘God Will Make a Way’: Hong Kong Protestors Shout for Revival in Faceoff with Communism

‘God Will Make a Way’: Hong Kong Protestors Shout for Revival in Faceoff with Communism by Lucille Talusan for CBN News

China celebrated the 70th anniversary of its communist revolution by showing off its military power Tuesday. It comes after violent clashes erupted over the weekend here in Hong Kong and protests continued today against Beijing’s communist regime.

The military parade showcased China’s growing emergence as an increasingly ambitious global power, highlighting China’s rapidly developing advanced weapons technology, including missiles that reportedly can hit the US in 30 minutes.

Rows of soldiers marched in lockstep past President Xi Jinping and other leaders in Tiananmen Square. China’s “People’s Liberation Army” is the world’s biggest military with two million men and women in uniform.

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President Xi said no force – neither Hong Kong protestors nor a US trade war – can stop China’s rise. He also vowed a better relationship with Hong Kong, but democracy protestors say they want to see China take steps in the right direction by granting the right to universal suffrage among others.

As China’s government celebrates communism, Hong Kong protestors are determined to counter the celebration with calls for freedom.

One protestor was shot and critically wounded during demonstrations Tuesday. The weekend also brought violent confrontations for the pro-democracy protests as the peaceful commemoration of the Umbrella Movement five years ago ended in chaos. Protestors threw bricks and petrol bombs at the government headquarters while police dispersed them with water cannons and tear gas. Protestors even set fire to a Metro station entrance.

The show of rage and anger is their attempt to overshadow the grand celebration of China’s 70th Foundation Day.

What may concern Beijing is that even very young secondary students are willing to leave their classes to show defiance towards Hong Kong and Chinese government leaders.

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