ADL, Antifa and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League

ADL, Antifa and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League By Michelle Malkin for CNS News

The Anti-Defamation League is a joke.

Once a respected civil rights organization dedicated to fighting extremism and hate against Jews, the ADL lies in bed with violent antifa extremists and perpetuates hate against political opponents. The “progressive” group is now a brazenly partisan character assassination outfit headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, a Clinton/Obama operative and former George Soros-funded operative, whose contempt for President Donald Trump trumps all.

The ADL also partners with the corporate cheap labor lobby funded by Trump-hating billionaire Republican Charles Koch to stifle patriotic critics of open borders. In June, the Charles Koch Institute joined left-wing Silicon Valley companies and ADL’s speech police to exploit the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, as a means of demonizing all Trump supporters and nationalist activists while giving cover to antifa online.

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In 2017, left-wing antifa protesters had provoked and engaged in violent encounters at the Unite the Right rally. A man drove his car into a crowd there, killing one woman. New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg tweeted on-scene that she “saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park” (a candid observation that she later deleted after blowback from her narrative-enforcing colleagues). Live video footage showed left-wing protesters hurling objects at the white nationalists.

An independent review of the clashes by Timothy J. Heaphy of the Virginia law firm Hunton & Williams, commissioned by the Charlottesville city government, found that the Charlottesville police and Virginia State Patrol “failed to intervene,” “did not respond to requests for assistance,” were “insufficiently equipped to respond to mass unrest,” “failed to protect the points of egress, instead pushing the conflicting groups directly into each other,” and “failed to ‘stand up’ to protect human life.” Police supervisors told Heaphy they were ordered out of their protection zones,” one CPD lieutenant reported. “We were sitting there with our thumbs up our asses.” Another described how “we were prevented from doing police work” and a third officer stated plainly that “we failed this community.”

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