The Two Paths of the World

The Two Paths of the World by JC Collins for Philosophy of Metrics

As it is with one human, so it is with the ocean of all human thought and endeavor.

The mind of man, and in turn, the mind of humanity, can exist and function in either the material world or the spiritual world, but not both simultaneously.  The mind cannot have two masters and fragments itself when attempting to reconcile material actions with spiritual laws.

Mind and brain are two separate things.  The brain is the material organ which allows the mind to function and project itself into the material world.  But the mind exists and functions outside of the material constraints of the organ brain itself, and only uses the brain when it is functioning on the material plane of existence.

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Mind is so much more than the material plane can allow though.

The Sanskrit name for mind is Manas, from which the word “Man” is derived.  Thus, Man, or the human being, is a thinking being, or a Mind. The mind can exist and function in either the material world or spiritual world, but not both simultaneously.   There can only be one master.

The “Mind” functions on two levels, the higher mind (spiritual) and the lower mind (being material or animal), but as stated, cannot function in both simultaneously.  All the world’s troubles can be defined and understood through this concept of the higher and lower mind.

The individual soul of man, made up of the dual principle of the lower and higher mind, can fall into the lower mind (material world) or ascend towards the enlightenment of the higher mind (spiritual world). It is important to understand that spirit and soul are two different things with different purposes.

Soul is the incarnating individual which is different from life to life.  Spirit is the genderless consciousness, which is the same from life to life, and exists outside of the material plane, and above the mind principle itself. The individual incarnated soul does not know or understand its higher spiritual existence, which is common to all incarnations, only but through spiritual intuition.  Each incarnation, and its lessons and learnings, builds the spirit towards a return to the Absolute, or the whole spirit, but will more commonly corrupt the spirit into becoming trapped in the material world.

Like Jacob climbing the ladder to heaven, each human has the choice to ascend towards the higher mind, and a return to the Absolute, or fall, like the symbolic spirits of old, back into the corruption of matter.

The great path, or road, is in fact the bridge which exists between the lower mind and higher mind.  In each of our lifetimes and incarnations, this bridge is being eroded or strengthened, all based on the choices we make and learnings we absorb. The road is treacherous and beset with all manner of temptations and desires.  The pull of gravity down into the lower mind, the animal self, is the greatest force each of us most face in a multitude of lifetimes.

Our world becomes denser and tighter around our spirit because it is descending evermore into the caverns and pits of the lower mind.

On the material plane the journey between the lower mind and higher mind is manifested as the Left-Hand Path or the Right-Hand Path.  These concepts are wildly misunderstood and are seldom presented in a truthful manner.

The Left-Hand path is concerned with materialism and the rewards which materialism has to offer.  This path is laden with greed, selfishness, magic, ritual, ceremony, and all manner of spiritual corruption, and exists within the lower mind.  The Right-Hand Path represents the movement of truth and spirit in the material world and leads to the higher mind.

The unfortunate situation is that for thousands of years the world has been obsessed with the Left-Hand Path and has been driving each individual human deeper into the lower mind through various methods of spiritual corruption.  The lower mind, or the animal mind, which can also be called the Beast, has crowned itself as master of this world.  Every institution, religion, ideology, and socioeconomic system are tools of the lower mind.

Each individual human must make the conscious and spiritual choice to move towards the Right-Hand Path and practice in daily life the truth of spiritual living.  This truth is governed by the immutable law, also called karma, which exists across both the manifested material plane and the spiritual Absolute.

As it is with one human, so it is with the ocean of all human thought and endeavor.

In closing, I’d like to add an extremely metaphysical concept to the relationship between the lower mind and higher mind.  The brain, though an organ, also contains its own karma, as do all organs, and as such, through the proper ascension towards the higher mind, can become a seed, or more appropriately an embryo, which can develop into a new semi-organic structure to house the unification of the lower mind and higher mind – matter and spirit existing as one, simultaneously.  The son of the two, manifested as a new master. – JC

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