What to Do When Your Adult Child Walks Away From God

What to Do When Your Adult Child Walks Away From God by SHAWN A. AKERS for Charisma News

GNN Note – Don’t forget to look at the other side of this coin – how should adult children handle their parents walking away from God. Reverse the roles in the scenario below to help with guidance for either direction.


Jim Burns says being a parent is a calling that never quits. And in more ways than one, he says, it becomes even more chaotic after your children reach the age of 18.

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As the president of HomeWord, the executive director of the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University and the father of two grown children, Burns helps parents of adult children with complicated issues. These include helping bringing your kids back to faith, which can be a tricky but crucial task.

“I have found that so many, many people, especially within the Christian world, have felt kind of a silent shame because their kids had violated their values or they had strayed from faith, and they didn’t really see that coming,” Burns told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of “Greenelines” on the Charisma Podcast Network. “They had raised their kids in good, God-honoring homes, but their kids were going a different way.

“Many Millennials have a different way of looking at life, how they look at the modern issues of the day including cohabitation, sexuality, pornography and things like that. I have realized that there is this need for about 50 million-plus parents of adults who are trying to help their kids figure these things out.

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