Nancy Pelosi: Abortion Bans ‘Ignore Basic Morality’

Nancy Pelosi: Abortion Bans ‘Ignore Basic Morality’ By Terence P. Jeffrey for CNS News

GNN Note – And to think, some people see this person as sane, respectable and worthy of a “leadership role”. Fascinating.

The hypocrisy of that one statement should be enough to get anyone ban from “leadership” in any situation, much less, governing other peoples lives. WOW!


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said in an address delivered Thursday night at the 50th anniversary dinner of NARAL Pro-Choice America that abortion bans being sought by Republicans around the country “ignore basic morality.”

“These bans violate the Constitution. They ignore basic morality,” Pelosi said.

NARAL Pro-Choice America was formerly known as the National Abortion Rights Action League. “The 2.3 million members of NARAL Pro-Choice America fight for reproductive freedom for every person in every state,” the organization says on its website. “We are the foot soldiers who work to ensure that abortion access is not only protected, but expanded for every American.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also addressed NARAL’s 50th anniversary dinner and received the group’s lifetime achievement award.

“The unified leadership of NARAL and the House is urgently needed at this precarious time for women’s health care and freedoms,” Pelosi said in her speech. “Today, as we know, an all-out assault on women’s reproductive freedoms is sweeping the nation, as Republicans seek to impose abortion bans on millions of women in dozens of states.


GNN Note – There’s a video so you can actually hear the words coming out of her mouth.  Please, please vote this woman out of office. I believe 30 years is a long enough crime spree for anyone. Can you say term limits? Sure you can. It’s the people like Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, Adam Schiff, Jim Copper and great many others with power that can’t utter these words.

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