The Communist Democrat Agenda Fully Exposed

The Communist Democrat Agenda Fully Exposed by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

It’s as if the satanic globalist have finally gotten to rotten-to-the-core Nancy Pelosi. Her masters and owners finally pushed Pelosi in front of a camera / microphone to say “impeach Trump”. The communist democrats have done nothing to help this country for the past decade and, so far, the democrats have managed to accomplish the following agenda items since President Trump was elected:

– Stormy Daniels
– failed Russia Did It investigation
– failed Mueller Report
– caravans of illegal border jumpers
– Trump’s taxes
– take over the economy through “green new deal”
– Trump is a Racist, Nazi, Xenophob
– Economy is imploding
– blocked border security at every turn
– exposed the failures of the democratically run cities around the country
– and finally, announce the Democrats will discuss the idea of maybe, perhaps impeaching President Trump

None of their agenda items have produced anything of value for the American people. As a matter of fact the democrats have done more in the last 11 years – 8 under Obama and 3 under President Trump – to rip this country apart. Which brings me to the most important of all the democrat agenda items of the past decade – divide the nation and “transform” the make-up of our citizenry. Remember, Obama said he was going to “transform America“. That’s the only agenda item he actually accomplished.

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The democrat agenda has brought more illegal border jumpers to this country than anyone ever thought possible. We are now seeing actual citizens of this country murdered, raped and tortured by illegal border jumpers that are protected by the ruling class of this country – democrats in so-called “sanctuary cities” actually protecting border jumpers that broke into our country, illegally, and are now committing serious crimes.

When I wrote “The Fall of Nashville” it was to point out how the democrat, satanic globalist machine targets cities, using TV and other means, to attract these lost souls that created the nightmares like San Fransisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and many others, and as these people flee the wreckage and cesspool they created, by continually supporting democrat agendas, they infest other cities as they move into new fertile land. It is only a matter of time before these same lost souls unwittingly carry out the orders of the satanic globalist. More abortions, attacks on God and the Christian faith, LGBT+P for pedophile and all the other godless agenda items of these lost souls and their masters, the satanic globalist.

As the communist democrats continue to weaponize more and more children to brainwash them earlier and earlier in life, we see their latest useful poster child preaching another sermon on “global warming”. If the communist democrats actually cared one second about the environment, or gun violence for that matter, all the communist democrat cities would be pictures of beauty, love and citizens helping citizens. You know all too well this is not the case in the democrat strongholds we listed above along with a great many other cities.

The communist democrats marched Greta before the world to make her statement and preach to you and I about how we “stole her future“. Well, why doesn’t she take her show to China, India and multiple nations in Africa where the real problem lies? Why? Because it’s not about the environment, it’s about power.

So now, the democrats plan on wasting the final year of President Trumps first term with another, bigger distraction. These people are so stupid they don’t even realize they just handed President Trump his second term on a platter. The economy could implode tomorrow and President Trump would be re-elected. The communist agenda being touted by the democrats scares most people and they will have nothing to do with it. The heartland, so-called “fly-over country” of this nation still matters. But don’t tell the communist democrats as they have no idea where Iowa, Nebraska or Mississippi is, except every four years when they seek to grab more power.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry

Full Show (this will be deleted as soon as filth at YouTube scrape it from existence)

Bonus – Greta preaches to the loyal communist around the world and the satanic globalist all applaud.

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