The Amazing Mystery That Pinpoints When World Events Will Take Place Down to Their Exact Dates!

The Amazing Mystery That Pinpoints When World Events Will Take Place Down to Their Exact Dates!  by JONATHAN CAHN for Charisma News

In The Oracle, Jonathan Cahn reveals an amazing, uncanny and eerily precise mystery that pinpoints the timing of world events.

Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery that lies behind the events of modern times? And is it possible that such a mystery could foretell or determine the timing of those events down to the exact day they will take place?

Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger and several New York Times’ bestsellers, now releases his newest book, The Oracle, which he says will reveal just that.

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One of the mysteries revealed in The Oracle concerns what many see as the harbinger of the “end times,” the fulfillment of biblical prophecy—the rebirth of Israel. In a mystery that goes back to the end of the 19th century, Cahn reveals a prophecy given concerning that event. The prophecy reveals an exact period of time by which the event must take place—50 years from its giving. Fifty years later, Israel was voted into existence by the United Nations. But the mystery goes deeper.

Going deeper, Cahn examined the document by which Israel came into existence. On the document is a date. The date is the same date on which the prophecy of the event was given—50 years to the exact time, month, week and day.

Another central event of modern times and biblical prophecy was Israel’s return to Jerusalem in the Six-Day War. In a chapter of The Oracle titled “The Masada Algorithm,” Cahn reveals a mystery that goes back to the first century and the desert mountain fortress of Masada. It was there that the Jewish nation made its last stand against Rome, and there that the ancient nation met its end.

Cahn took the exact day the nation of Israel returned to Masada and then added the days linked to Masada’s fall in ancient times to see where it would lead. It led to a specific date: June 7, 1967—the exact day that the nation of Israel entered the gates of their long-lost city, Jerusalem. Again the mystery leads to the exact year, month, week and day when the world event must take place.

Closer to our own time is a mystery that concerns the current president, Donald Trump. In a chapter of The Oracle titled “The 70-Year Mystery,” Cahn opens up a mystery that goes back 2,500 years to the Persian king Cyrus. Cyrus is famous for issuing a declaration that restored the Jewish people to the land and specifically recognized Jerusalem as their capital city. The first world ruler since Cyrus to issue a declaration recognizing Jerusalem is Donald Trump. Could the mystery determine when this declaration would go forth?

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