People sign petition to protect unborn eagles while advocating the killing of unborn humans

People sign petition to protect unborn eagles while advocating the killing of unborn humans by: for Natural News

GNN Note – The original title of this article place a target on liberals. I see it as people problem, not a specific group of people, but people in general. I’ve been saying for the past several months that people will stand up for “baby elephants” but refuse to stand up for baby humans. Now we have proof.


In the wonderful world of Los Angeles California, liberals are all about protecting the environment, the animals, and all the cute little creatures that roam the Earth. This is empathy, love and nurture – traits that we all hope to share in the great circle of life.

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When PragerU’s Will Witt hit the streets of LA, he learned there is great enthusiasm for protecting unborn eagles; however, when the topic turned to protecting unborn humans, those same liberals reversed their tone and changed their stance. They went from being great defenders of baby eagles and quickly became advocates of human death.

Liberals show empathy for unborn eagles but cold neglect for unborn children

When it comes to consistency of values, liberals are depraved. In one breath they believe they have the moral high ground, protecting baby birds and supporting the well being of animals. But when it comes time to protect human life, it suddenly becomes okay to conscript health care providers to crack skulls, sever organs, and pull out extremities with forceps.

When Witt started asking people to sign a petition to help protect unborn eagles, he got enthusiastic support. “We have a petition to stop the killing of eagles, like eagle eggs, people disturb them or they destroy them. These eagles haven’t been born yet, they have rights, ya know? We don’t think they should be harmed and we think that there should be harsher penalties for those kind of things. Would you guys agree?” Witt asked.

The liberals instantly wanted to protect the unborn eagles and were excited to implement steeper fines on anyone who dares tamper with their eggs. They were appalled that people would want to hurt defenseless animals. They quickly signed the petition and felt a sense of pride for doing so. One of the signers said, “Best of luck, I hope you save the eagles.” Another signer spouted, “Don’t kill eagles…eagles are people, too!”

But when Witt flipped the script and started talking about unborn humans, the liberals changed their tone. “We have one other petition about stopping the killing of humans, too — like, babies,” Witt prodded. “We want to protect their rights, too, even though they’re unborn,” he clarified.

The respondents were terribly inconsistent and lacked human empathy. One baby eagle protector said, “Oh, no, I don’t agree. I fully support abortion.”

Another woman stopped herself, “Wait, no. I don’t agree with that. I’m like pro-abortion, sorry.”

One woman left abruptly, responding, “It’s the woman’s decision.”

Planned Parenthood encourages abortion for organ harvesting of unborn children

Regardless of liberal beliefs on a mother’s bodily autonomy, it’s still unclear why an unborn eagle would have more rights than an unborn human child. It’s also unclear whether bodily autonomy of an adult supersedes the life of a defenseless human baby.

According to the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940, anyone who deliberately destroys or even disturbs a bald eagle egg can be charged with one year in prison and a $5,000 fine. According to new laws passed in Illinois and New York, aborting a human baby up until birth is a “fundamental right” of the mother. Every year, approximately 600,000 abortions are performed in the U.S. Some of these abortions are performed in a way to keep the baby alive to harvest their organs. Planned Parenthood is currently being exposed for the most grotesque of crimes – harvesting intact bodies of unborn children for body-part trafficking.

One depraved doctor kept the remains of 2,246  unborn babies in his home. Organizations like Stem Express purchase baby organs for “science” and many body parts are trafficked for the vaccine industry, to continue the development of experimental, deadly biologics that are wrongfully and disdainfully marketed as “immunizations.”

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