When You Have To Scavenge Bug-Out-Bag Supplies After The Apocalypse

When You Have To Scavenge Bug-Out-Bag Supplies After The Apocalypse by  for Modern Survival Blog

The scenario is this… The apocalypse happens.

  1. You’re not at home and need to get home (because you’re already living full time at your BOL)
  2. You’re at home (in a bad location to survive the apocalypse) and really need to get to your BOL (bug out location), wherever that may be.

BUT, your vehicle has become unusable. This means you’re going to need supplies to help get you there, walking, or some other means. Ideally you need a pre-configured BOB (bug out bag) or 72-hour kit.

Here’s the problem: You don’t have one. Why not? Well let’s just say something happened to it. Maybe it was in your vehicle as you watched in horror when the earthquake opened a fissure right under your parked car, as it dropped out of sight to an unknown doom (or other such hypothetical destruction).

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One MSB regular, “Papa Smurf”, sent in a interesting “food-for-thought” article for you all to ponder, relating to the scenario above:

Supplies Without a Bug Out Bag

by ‘Papa S’

Oops, it finally happened. The Apocalypse. It wasn’t the one you had planned on, but it was still an apocalypse.

You’ve been preparing for it for over a decade and you decided a long time ago that you were going to keep your BOB (Bug Out Bag) where you could get to it no matter what.

It was in the trunk of your car, just so you could have access to it, no matter what or where. But, like I said, it wasn’t the event you thought it would be.

The point is, it happened. Your car, or whatever vehicle you thought you would have access to, is forever and irrevocably gone.

No do-overs. No second guessing. You are on your own, and without anything except what’s in your pockets.

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