Hurricane Preparedness List & Tips

Hurricane Preparedness List & Tips by  for Modern Survival Blog

A hurricane preparedness checklist will provide reassurance that you will have thought of the essentials. A list will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will forget something during the stressful time immediately before a potential hurricane disaster.

Note: No list is a perfect or complete list. With that said, the following hurricane list will help get you thinking in the right direction.

The list is intended to provoke thought and preparation.

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A secondary To-do list is linked at the end. Read and absorb this. It will help!


Any of you live in Florida?

Hurricane Preparedness:
Staying Informed

  • Know the terminology: Know the difference between tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes so that you can follow the reports better.
  • Listen for warnings: Heed the advice especially if ‘they’ are advising to evacuate. Listen for what the weather forecasters and/or emergency management people are saying.
  • Stay up to date with a Weather Alert Radio( I recommend this one )

The following website has lots of hurricane ‘spaghetti model tracks’
There’s also lots of information at the National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Preparedness:

  • Head to a windowless room: Even if your windows are boarded up, stay in a windowless room while the winds are blowing.
  • Stay downwind: This area is the opposite side of the house that the wind is hitting.
  • Stay inside: Stay indoors for the entire duration of the storm. You should not go outside during the calm of the storm, when the eye passes over. Dangers lurk and the winds will pick up soon.
  • Windows: Cover your home’s windows. Storm shutters are best. Plywood is another option (e.g. 5/8” plywood, cut to fit and ready to install).
  • Have an evacuation plan: Think about WHERE you will go, long BEFORE you need to evacuate.

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