President Trump and Israel: A Microcosm of His Strengths and Weaknesses

President Trump and Israel: A Microcosm of His Strengths and Weaknesses by Michael L. Brown for Ask Dr Brown

I have finally managed to reduce my evaluation of President Trump to one short soundbite: What he does is often praiseworthy; what he is says is often cringeworthy. Nowhere is this more evident than in the president’s dealings with Israel and the Jewish people.

What he has done for Israel is huge – as in YUGE.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was huge. No other president had the fortitude to do this. Not Bill Clinton. Not George W. Bush. Not Barack Obama.

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Every president, decade after decade, delayed the move by another 6 months, until President Trump.

This took courage, determination, boldness, even fearlessness.

To repeat: This was huge.

It was also huge for Trump to pull out of the disastrous Iran deal, hopefully forestalling Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Of course, only God knows the intentions of the radical Islamic leaders of Iran. But if the president’s actions made it more difficult for Iran to use nuclear weapons against Israel and others, that would be absolutely huge.

It was huge for Trump to give official recognition of the Golan Heights, something that should have been done by America decades ago.

That’s why so many Israelis are pro-Trump: they believe he’s a man of action, and they believe he is a real friend of their country.

In fact, on one of my recent trips to Israel, while conducting interviews about religious issues, several Israelis wanted to talk about Trump first. As they said to me with passion, “Make America great! Make Israel great! We love Trump.”

In the same way, when it comes to other actions that are important to evangelicals, the president’s accomplishments have been huge.

Here are some of the more obvious, major accomplishments.

His judicial appointments, from the federal courts to the Supreme Court, have been huge.

His efforts to help the pro-life movement have been huge.

His stand for religious liberty has been huge.

His pushing back against radical LGBT activism has been huge.

To repeat: What Trump does is often praiseworthy, and that’s why I voted for him.

He has kept many of his promises and, in terms of taking action, lived up to many of my expectations. His deeds, on many fronts, have been impressive.

It’s what he says that gets him into so much trouble.

Did he really need to insult Rashid Tlaib to her own 90-year-old grandmother? Was this necessary, helpful, edifying, constructive, or presidential?

Did he really need to retweet the hyperbolic comments of radio host Wayne Allen Root?

It’s one thing to retweet, with appreciation, Root’s first statement: “President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him….”

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