Survival Cooking When The Electricity Goes Out

Survival Cooking When The Electricity Goes Out by  for Modern Survival Blog

Alternative Ways To Cook Food Without Power

Most people rely on a electric stove for cooking at home. For the sake of preparedness (without electricity), you might consider other “survival cooking” methods.

Not all foods require cooking. For example, commercially and home “canned foods” can be safely eaten without cooking because the canning process has eliminated harmful bacteria.

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Pro Tip: “Not all foods require cooking.” In fact you should think about that when diversifying your preparedness food storage!

However for today’s topic, lets consider so called “survival cooking” (as in, without electricity).

Cooking with Natural Gas Fuel Source

For those of you who have natural gas to your home, you probably have a gas stove in your kitchen. The majority of typical or most likely disaster scenarios will not interrupt the natural gas supply. Given the workings of the natural gas pipeline distribution systems, the likelihood of losing gas pressure is very low (unless purposely shut off).

Natural gas to your home will ensure the ability to cook, even without electricity, because most gas stove-top burners will light with a match, although the oven might not light due to modern electronics even in gas stoves. Still, have a backup plan for cooking.

Cooking With LP (Liquid Propane) Gas Stove

Most who live in rural areas have a medium or large propane tank supplying LP gas for appliances such as stoves, heating systems, hot water heaters, and even clothes dryers. During a power outage you will still be able to cook, assuming you have a gas LP equipped gas stove.

At my home, we have a buried 1,000 gallon LP tank. It lasts a long time! Gas stove, furnace, hot water, and clothes dryer appliances.

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