Former Homosexuals to March for True Freedom in Orlando in September

Former Homosexuals to March for True Freedom in Orlando in September by JEFFREY MCCALL for Charisma News

On Sept. 14, the Freedom March will be holding its fifth event at Walt Disney Amphitheater Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida. The Freedom March is an event where former LGBTQ individuals share their testimonies of overcoming these lifestyles through Jesus Christ. Jeffrey McCall is the founder of the event.

“While speaking at event in D.C., I thought, Why don’t we have an event where people who formerly lived LGBTQ lifestyles could share their stories on how Jesus delivered them? I wanted it to be outdoors and then for us to march after the event publicly proclaiming Jesus Christ!” McCall says. “The Scripture I received for this event was Colossians 2:15, ‘And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.'”

Freedom March consists of founder Jeffrey McCall along with a board of people who came beside him to carry out this vision. The board consists of M.J. Nixon, Edward Byrd, Luis Ruiz, Kim Zember and Angel Colon. Edward Byrd, who is the group’s worship leader, says, “It’s amazing to see a group of people that others discarded being radically encountered by the love of God. We’ve seen and heard of so many testimonies of how God’s sovereignty is reaching in to the LGBTQ community and changing lives. He is taking people out of the shame of their past while using the testimonies of former LGBTQ individuals to cause a spiritual awakening throughout our nation. It’s only the beginning of this move of God that we are about to witness!”

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Kim Zember, who formerly lived a homosexual lifestyle, says, “I’m so thankful Jesus had better plans for my life than I had for myself—He’s way better at being God than I am.” M.J. Nixon, director of Here’s My Heart, a documentary containing 12 stories of freedom from LGBTQ identities, states, “A rainbow revival has been ignited and freedom is being proclaimed as we march in unity as living witnesses that God can change any heart. We believe the love of Jesus will lead many to repentance, and His truth will break the stronghold of pride in our nation.”

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