Report: Ties Between Environmentalism and Eugenics ‘Run Deep’

Report: Ties Between Environmentalism and Eugenics ‘Run Deep’ by Thomas D Williams, Ph.D. for Breitbart

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A historical analysis of the environmentalist movement released Monday revealed close ties between radical ecology, population control, and eugenics, which is still evident today in “ecofascism.”

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An “ultra-violent strain of white-nationalism also embraces climate science,” states the Canadian activist Cory Doctorow in his piece exploring the racist roots of modern environmentalism.

“Several of the recent white nationalist mass killers have described themselves as ‘ecofascists’ and/or have deployed ecofascist rhetoric in their manifestos,” states Doctorow, which should not surprise anyone familiar with the ecology movement.

Ecofascism is “the belief that our planet has a ‘carrying capacity’ that has been exceeded by the humans alive today and that we must embrace ‘de-growth’ in the form of mass extermination of billions of humans, in order to reduce our population to a ‘sustainable’ level,” he notes, which explains its historic alliance with both eugenics and population control.

While Doctorow fully buys into popular ideas regarding climate change, he insists that the dark side of the environmental movement must be acknowledged, at least for honesty’s sake.

“Ecofascism is a form of nihilism, one that holds that it’s easier to murder half the people on Earth than it is to reform our industrial practices to make our population sustainable,” he states, a position epitomized by the Marvel villain Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War(Josh Brolin), the highest-grossing film of 2018, and by Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) in the dark 2014 comedy Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

“Pastoralist and environmental thinking has always harbored a strain of white supremacy,” Doctorow writes, and the “connection between eugenics and environmentalism runs deep.”

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