5 All-Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure And Avoid Medication

5 All-Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure And Avoid Medication by: Susan Patterson for Off the Grid News

Millions of Americans are plagued with what is often called the “silent killer” — high blood pressure. Often, elevated blood pressure goes entirely unnoticed and undiagnosed until it is too late.

Hypertension occurs when the force of blood against artery walls rises. During this process, the heart kicks into overdrive trying to pump blood throughout the body. Some people inevitably suffer from a genetic predisposition to elevated blood pressure. Nevertheless, others experience this condition due to lifestyle choices such as smoking, stress, excess drinking, dehydration, or a lack of exercise.

Complications that arise from having elevated blood pressure include insomnia, vision loss, dementia, kidney problems, and sexual dysfunction. Additionally, atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries can occur as a result of a high blood pressure condition. In the worst cases, this can lead to heart attack or stroke. According to experts, high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack or stroke by anywhere from two to four times.

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Understanding The Numbers

A blood pressure reading consists of two measurements – systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the first number and diastolic is the second one. Systolic shows the pressure of the blood vessels as the heart is contracting while diastolic shows the pressure with the heart at rest.

  • Normal blood pressure range: 90-119 (systolic), 60-79 (diastolic)
  • Pre-hypertension: 120-139 (systolic), 80-89 (diastolic)
  • Hypertension: 140-plus (systolic), 90-plus (diastolic)

An Honest Look At Drugs

Although the conventional way to treat high blood pressure is to use drugs, this in itself can be quite dangerous. First of all, taking drugs to control blood pressure does not address the underlying problem that caused the increase in the first place. Instead, it merely masks the problem. This means that you can carry on with dangerous lifestyle choices that can impact your health in other ways.

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