Invoke Positive Change

Invoke Positive Change by Corey Lynn for Corey’s Digs

The earth is changing, evolving, you can feel it when you run your fingers through the soil. Hold tight to those around you and really see them. Witness their life, their story – share in it. Say kind things and smile often. No matter how much dark you see around you, always project the light. Do not let the dark consume you.

It’s not about being right. This isn’t a game or a competition. People are being hurt physically, mentally, and spiritually. Support one another and brighten someone’s day instead of bringing them down. This strength, this unity, is what holds us together as a collective. It brightens the room, the town, the planet. It is the KEY to raising awareness and forever changing the future of mankind.

Thoughts may as well be words, for they pack the same punch. Maintaining a positive state of mind from a place of compassion brings balance to an otherwise unbalanced situation. Most do not understand the power of energy. They cannot see beyond the invisible veil to which we all have a front row seat. Open your eyes, your heart, and your mind and you will begin to see all vectors, all layers, and a light that shines so bright it could melt the rigid hearts of thousands.

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Until you believe it is possible, it is not. Your mind, your body, and all of its senses are one fluid point of contact within a realm of fluidity – that can sense everything – all at once. It is that powerful. There is no distance between us – you and I. We share the same space. Limitations are conceived by your imagination. Whatever voice told you it couldn’t be done, lied to you. Now there is just your voice to listen to. Let it speak to you with kindness, with truth, with vulnerability, and with compassion.

The world will always be in a state of change and evolution – it’s up to you to flow with it and guide that flow in a manner that will invoke positive change for yourself, for the earth, and above all – for mankind as a whole.

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