How to Date Someone with Different Political or Religious Views

How to Date Someone with Different Political or Religious Views from Making Sense of Manliness

Politics and religion are two of the most divisive and emotive topics in our communities today. Every politics and religion enthusiast is trying to outdo their opposition, desperate to appear superior to the other. And while that is legal and acceptable in the society, what happens when love is caught in the wrangles?

Better put; how difficult or easy is it date someone who holds religious or political views that sharply contradicts yours? Well, please read on to understand the answer to this question in finer details as well as get other vital dating tips for men.

10 Pros and Cons of Dating Someone from a Different Religion


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1.Religion smart

When you date someone from a different religion, you get to experience the traditions and prevailing trends of your partner’s religion firsthand. The advantage of possessing this high level of knowledge is that you will become effective in your witnessing and testimonies now and in the future.

2.The hybridity factor

If your relationship leads to marriage and children, then your kids will grow in the hybridity of both religions. They will easily learn about and practice both religions, which open up their minds in a big way. What’s more, the kids will be at liberty to celebrate multiple holidays. For example, if you are a Christian dating a Jew, your kids will celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas and rightfully so—sounds cool, right?

3.Diverse viewpoints make your faith stronger

Having diverse religious opinions and viewpoints in a sexual relationship can sometimes precipitate unwanted conflicts, but there definitely are many attached benefits. For example, doing so will widen your perspective about religion and encourage you to examine your own beliefs. That will consequently make your faith stronger.

4.A Wider Circle of Influence

Interfaith dating widens your circle of influence and allows you access to more people of the opposite faith. You can easily influence your partner as well as her friends and family to shift to your religion.

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