Can You Live Without a Fridge?

Can You Live Without a Fridge? by Megan Stewart for The Survivalist Blog

Can you live without a fridge? I posed this question to my teenage daughter and her immediate response was, “why would someone want to live with no fridge?” I imagine many people might respond the same way. But there are people doing it. Some by choice, some not.

Many people in impoverished countries live without a fridge every day. And yes, there are some people choose to live without traditional refrigeration simply because they can.

So it can be done.

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But if you aren’t part of an impoverished country and you haven’t consciously made a choice to live without modern conveniences, why should you care if you can live without a fridge or not?

With the current state of the world, there is the looming potential for some type of grid collapse or economic shutdown. Even those who aren’t yet ready to call themselves “preppers” are expressing concern over the increased number of short term power outages.

The fragility of our power grid, the one we have all become so dependent on, is becoming increasingly apparent to those who are paying attention.

Americans have become so used to using refrigeration and freezing for long term food storage, many are oblivious to how to store food any other way.

The dependency on refrigeration for food storage is so ingrained that most of us don’t even think about it until the power goes out. This hard core dependency on refrigeration means many Americans will be the hardest hit when the grid goes down.

Unless we plan to do something about it. And prepare now. Before there’s an event that forces us to live without a fridge.

Knowing how to live without a fridge, doesn’t mean that you can never again own a fridge or a freezer. It doesn’t mean you live without conveniences. It simply means that when an event, like a power outage, knocks out refrigeration indefinitely, it won’t be a life-threatening situation for you and your family.

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