Amazing Benefits Of Wheatgrass Juice Powder!

Amazing Benefits Of Wheatgrass Juice Powder! By Neenah Payne for Natural Blaze

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Although many people recommend Coconut Oil Pulling, after watching the video Stop oil pulling & heal your teeth the easy way, I decided to switch to wheat grass juice powder. The video recommends the Amazing Grace Organic Wheat GrassPowder. However, a number of Amazon reviewers commented that the quality of the product had declined. So, I chose the Lemon Wheatgrass Juice Powder from Dr. Eric Berg because the Amazon Q&A shows this response comparing the two products:

Dr. Berg’s lemon wheatgrass is JUICED First then dried to a powder, discarding the cellulose that humans can’t digest at all. A whole grass powder is cheaper and less potent because it is full of its very own cellulose, left as an inexpensive filler. This product dries grass blades that are subsequently milled into a powder. Primarily it is made from wheatgrass dust. Juice Powder is more concentrated and has a cleaner smoother taste, and has better bioavailability because the nutrients have been unlocked, and extracted from the cellulose. Smell the difference… Open the bottle and smell… Hay Dust or Juice?

Juice powder has up to 10 times higher nutrient concentration than grass powder. I used to get a one-ounce shot of wheatgrass juice from my health food store. It was very bitter, but felt very powerful. Dr. Berg’s Lemon Wheatgrass Juice Powdertastes very refreshing. His videos below further show why it is much more powerful than wheatgrass juice. Now, I start my day with a one ounce-glass of his Lemon Wheatgrass Juice Powder instead of oil pulling or wheatgrass juice!

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Ann Wigmore Introduced Wheatgrass to America

“Ann Wigmore (1908-1994): Her Life and Legacy” explains that Ann was from Lithuania. In 1925, at the age of 16, Ann moved to America to join her parents who were living in Massachusetts. When Ann later got cancer, she relied on the holistic approach she had learned from her grandmother in Lithuania. She introduced wheatgrass to the US when she used it to cure her cancer.

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