Farage Will ‘Annihilate’ Tories in Election if Johnson Fails on Brexit

Farage Will ‘Annihilate’ Tories in Election if Johnson Fails on Brexit by Victoria Friedman for Breitbart

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage is to announce 150 candidates to fight in a General Election, as he warned Prime Minister Johnson may try to pass a version of Theresa May’s unpopular withdrawal treaty in the House of Commons.

While Prime Minister Johnson has ramped up no-deal preparations, he holds out that he can still negotiate a better withdrawal agreement with the EU. Comments made Tuesday where Mr Johnson suggested that a new deal with the EU could mean the UK staying in the Customs Union for two years left Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage asking whether this was an early sign of “the watering down of Boris’s Brexit”.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Farage reminded readers that “Johnson twice voted against the Withdrawal Agreement but then fell at the final hurdle by voting for it at the third time of asking, back in March”.

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The next General Election is scheduled for 2022; however, if Mr Johnson fails to take the UK out of the EU by the October 31st deadline or seeks to pursue, as his predecessor Theresa May did, a soft exit, it may trigger calls for another election.

Mr Farage wrote said that “if passing this treaty in Parliament is now the Prime Minister’s ambition for Brexit”, his party “will vigorously oppose him”, adding that he will be announcing his party’s “first 150 candidates” this week.

Warning that the electorate no longer “trust” the Conservative Party, Mr Farage said that “if the UK does not leave the EU on 31 October, the Conservatives can rest assured they will be annihilated in any subsequent General Election”.

The Brexit Party has also set its sights on Labour heartlands in Wales, the Midlands, and the north of England, where some five million Labour voters backed Brexit.

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