5 Real Solutions For The Troubled Cities Democrats Helped Cripple

5 Real Solutions For The Troubled Cities Democrats Helped Cripple By  for The Federalist

Democrats have run America’s most dangerous cities for decades. They have no answers. Here are five solutions to fix the problems Democrat policies made worse.

After two full nights of presidential debates on CNN, Democrats still have no answers to the problems plaguing America’s most dangerous cities. They were happy to call President Trump a racist for correctly pointing out that Baltimore is in horrific shape, but they are woefully mute on what to do about it.

The Democratic Party’s silence on solutions for the nation’s most suffering cities is ironic given that the latest Democratic debate took place in Detroit, Michigan—according to one study, the second most dangerous city in America. It would have been an appropriate and excellent opportunity for Democrats to speak out on how they’ll restore safety, stability, and prosperity to places like Detroit.

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Instead, both debates went by with no new proposals. For the few Americans who watched the debate, all they heard was more name-calling directed at President Trump.

The Democratic Party is fresh out of worthwhile ideas. Its candidates insist that if they only had more money all their failed policies would magically start to work. Yet decades of the Democratic stranglehold on the nation’s most needy cities have turned bad situations into catastrophes. There are, however, steps that can be taken to bring the worse-off of America’s cities back from despair.

1. Promote Marriage, Family, and Responsible Fatherhood

First and foremost, a culture of responsible fatherhood and committed marriage must become the norm if any change is going to take place in America’s most dangerous cities. Beginning with President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society,” welfare has essentially incentivized single-motherhood and encouraged out-of-wedlock births. This has devastated the black community in particular. As economist Thomas Sowell points out, “[in] 1960, 22 percent of black children were raised with only one parent, usually the mother. Thirty years later, two-thirds of black children were being raised without a father present.”

Cities like St. Louis and Memphis didn’t become hotbeds of crime and poverty overnight. It will take decades, if not generations, to fully repair the damage Democratic policies have caused their social fabric.

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