YET ANOTHER CLIMATE CHANGE STUDY… by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell for Giza Death Star

K. L. spotted this story, and it’s worth talking about because it’s an example of what’s happening, or rather, not happening in the whole climate change discussion. I submit that there’s an odd pattern that has emerged over the decades, if you have been following it. The pattern, briefly, is this: every few weeks a study is released “proving” that “climate change” is real and that it is anthropogenic (man made). Then, a few weeks later, another study will be released, “proving” it is not happening and not man-made. Along the way, we’re treated to occasional stories where computer records have been stolen, data fabricated, and so on. And of course there’s the whole tautological circular-argument nature of “climate change” itself. I’ve commented on this at length as well, as in the 1970s we began with predictions of gloom and coming ice ages, then it changed to “global warming,” and as that was increasingly challenged, we now have “climate change,” a concept so broad that in the popular imagination any change is “proof” that we need to “change our ways.”

But it would take someone with their head in a paper bag not to notice that the weather has been awfully “danged peculiar” lately. Europe is baking in a heat wave with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius in Norway recently. Norway! (For those in the Fahrenheit world, that’s about 90 degrees). A few weeks ago the American Midwest was hit with so much rain, and so many tornadoes, that records were set, crops were left unplanted. And if you were watching the patterns, the floods began in the upper Midwest, the massive rains hit further south, just as flood waters from the north began to drain into the Missouri-Mississipi river basins, heading south. Then, as a final blow, a hurricane hit New Orleans, just as all that flood water was hitting. Parts of Brooklyn resembled Venice, and while all that was going on, I blogged about scientists wanting to dump a gimongous amount of snow on Antarctica to stop the melting ice pack there (and they seem to have forgotten that snow pack actually locks in heat, in Antarctica’s case, much of it geothermal. Thus, the “solution” might be even worse than the problem itself.)

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