Children – “Age Gap Love”

Children – “Age Gap Love”

Time to pull out the elephants as the liberal left would be screaming at the top of the lungs if the baby elephant pictured above was shot dead and fed to hungry people. However, the image below constitutes nothing – not a peep. No march, no protest, no outcry, nothing on TV. If the baby elephant were shot dead and eaten for food, well, that would COMMAND an endless stream of nonsensical TV “news” articles about how terrible it is to kill baby elephants to feed people who have no food.

We are being sold this idea that pedophilia is acceptable we just have been looking at it through…. hateful eyes. We are suppose to accept “age gap love” / pedophilia because the satanic globalist say so.

Is this a perfect example of what “age gap love” looks like? Why is this happening?

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