3 Ways to Start Your Day by Hearing From God

3 Ways to Start Your Day by Hearing From God by MIKEL FRENCH for Charisma News

Is there anybody out there who has a word from God?

It seems like everywhere you look these days, negativity abounds. It’s in print, it’s on television, on the radio, on social media, online. Even the news is little more than an unending soap opera. It almost makes me want to shout, “Really? Are you serious?” With all this negativity in the media, I’m thinking about going on a fast from all TV and radio news in an attempt to lessen my exposure to it. Too much is at stake for me to risk getting bogged down with such mess. Whether or not you realize it, engaging with all this negativity is exacting a high price from you too. This commotion is distracting us from the voice of the Holy Spirit, and it is trying to distort our lives with frustration. It’s almost like this noise is deceiving us into believing that it is somehow the voice of God. It’s also covering up the power of what God is giving birth to in our generation.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to get better any time soon. We are less than 14 years away from the 2,000th birthday of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and I believe that confusion and frustration are going to continue to increase, just as the Word of God proclaims.

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Yet in the midst of it, grace is not only going to grow; it’s going to abound. If you will turn the eyes and ears of your heart toward Him, you’ll perceive the Holy Spirit speaking in this transitional season through dreams, visions and extraordinary prophetic words. I believe God is wanting us to sow our dreams into the power of the Holy Spirit, and when we do, He will give us fresh direction. If we will follow these God-given directions, He is going to release an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is greater than anything we have known in the 2,000 years since Pentecost.

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