Four global-scale events to watch carefully, as they could rock your world and change the course of everything

Four global-scale events to watch carefully, as they could rock your world and change the course of everything by:  for Natural News

This post is a summary of four things you need to be watching very carefully because of how they may impact your world. To stay up to speed on these events, you need to be watching these news aggregation websites:

  • – The new replacement for Drudge, whose updates are slow and tend to push traffic to left-wing media sites. Whatfinger is updated very rapidly and encompasses independent media news sites that report the real news.
  • – This site aggregates news headlines in real time from the most censored indy media news sites on the web. Check it at least once a day.
  • – Covering world events, the rise of Satanism and the attacks on liberty, this site features hand-picked news headlines from indy media sources that dare to tell the truth.

Here are the big events unfolding now:

#1) Risk of war with Iran is heating up

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The U.S. is staging troops in the Middle East, in preparation for a possible shooting war with Iran. Thanks to the treasonous traitor Obama, Iran may already have nuclear weapons and appears poised to unleash them against Israel and U.S. military targets (such as bases, ships, etc.) throughout the Middle East.

Read this story to get informed: A Full Blown War With Iran Could Unleash Death And Destruction All Across America Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before.

War with Iran is so likely that at least one major airline has now suspended flights to Egypt for the next 7 days, just to avoid flying over a possible nuclear war zone.

If war with Iran is initiated, you will see: 1) HUGE spikes in oil prices and fuel costs. 2) RECORD spikes in the price of gold. 3) PANIC across the world’s financial markets, which could pop the tech bubble we’re currently experiencing (which Millennials mistakenly think is the “normal” way markets function).

#2) China is heading toward a real estate bubble collapse and economic implosion

Trump’s decisive move to level punishing tariffs on Chinese-made goods is doing exactly what it was intended to do: Implode China’s exports, cash flow and manufacturing base. If it goes on long enough, it could cause a cascading collapse of China’s bubble real estate markets (complete with entire “ghost cities” of uninhabited high-rise apartment buildings) and even lead to mass social unrest that could topple China’s communist regime.

Events in Hong Kong are already heating up, as even Chinese people realize they no longer want to live as slaves under an authoritarian regime run by control freak communists. Trump is smart, and he realizes that China has declared war on America, infiltrating Hollywood, real estate, Big Tech, politics and educational institutions. It’s time to fight for America and defeat all commies, including the commie California radical leftist America haters.

Trump is the only President to stand up to China’s bullying, currency manipulations, intellectual property theft and rampant dishonesty on trade issues. China’s long-term hope is to occupy the West Coast of California and invade / overthrow the United States of America, turning it into a “commie utopia.” Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are now openly conspiring with Red China while committing treason against the United States. Trump may soon invoke the Insurrection Act and send military police to take down the tech giants for their open collusion with communist China.

The techno-fascists must be stopped before they turn America into another communist wasteland of authoritarianism, censorship and “social scoring” surveillance, which is already being rolled out to spy on infants in California.

#3) Jeffrey Epstein’s black book list of names will expose the global pedophile / human trafficking rings of the politically connected elite

You are probably aware that Jeffrey Epstein is a child-molesting pervert who trafficked young boys and girls to “feed” them to pedo-predators like Bill Clinton. Using hidden video cameras and weird, cult-like sex rituals involving underage children, Epstein ensnared hundreds of wealthy elitists, world leaders, top-level bureaucrats and tech-industry pioneers. He then blackmailed them all to pay him money and do his bidding, while threatening to release surreptitious video records that show them molesting little boys and girls.

Epstein’s little black book is about to be made public, according to multiple media sources. Once these names drop, you’re going to see a who’s who list of the world’s politically connected elite, many of whom sexually molested little boys and girls while decrying Trump for merely saying “grab ’em by the pu@@y.” Far beyond just saying it, people like Bill Clinton pounded ’em by the pu@@y even when the girls were only 14 or 15 years old. The left-wing media is going to great lengths to avoid mentioning Bill Clinton in all this, of course, once again covering up the sex crimes of another prominent Democrat.

All this also proves that the Pi@@agate conspiracy was likely true all along, by the way. Which is why the media so desperately sought to cover it up and demonize anyone who reported on it.

As a side note, the truth about Epstein just barely scratches the surface of what’s really happening out there. Autistic children are now being kidnapped by the state, then human trafficked in order to “disappear” any evidence of vaccine damage. The Democrat party is practically synonymous with child trafficking and the sex abuse of children, which is why it’s so pathetic when they claim to be fighting for children who are “held in cages” at the border. The real children being held in cages are the ones rotting away in the deep, dark dungeons constructed underneath Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex cult temple” on Orgy Island.

#4) New York City continues to suffer more power outages as the U.S. power grid infrastructure crumbles

After last week’s power failures across NYC, yet another power outage has struck the city. Neither the mayor nor the governor have any idea why it’s happening, and Con-Edison appears to be wholly incompetent in figuring out how to resolve the problem.

The truth is that America’s power grid is crumbling, and this is especially true across America’s oldest East Coast cities like New York. Whether from cyber attacks or a solar flare, a massive, cascading collapse of America’s power grid is now inevitable. And cities are death traps.

Stay informed. Things are about to get crazier than ever. And, oh yeah, the left-wing media is now openly calling for mass violence against Trump supporters. Because, of course, the left-wing media is a terrorist propaganda hub that needs to be brought down and eradicated from society.

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