Why You Need Organic Supplements!

Why You Need Organic Supplements! By Neenah Payne for Natural Blaze

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Jonathan Hunsaker was the producer of The Truth About Cancer docuseries and is the founder of the Organixx supplement company. TeriAnn Trevenen is the Organixx CEO. “The Fascinating History of Supplements!” reviewed Episode 1 of the Organixx podcasts and “What’s In Your Supplements?” was based on Episode 2: Synthetic vs Whole Food Supplements.

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In Episode 3: Nutraceuticals vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs: Why Organic Matters, Jonathan and TeriAnn interviewed Dr. Daniel Nuzum, lead formulator of Organixxsupplements.  Dr. Nuzum is the author of Detox for Life: How to Minimize Toxins and Maximize Your Body’s Ability to Heal. He is an NMD, a naturopathic physician, mechanotherapist, naprapath, medical massage practitioner, tui na practitioner and Native American healing practitioner. He has been formulating supplements for more than 17 years, and is one of the leading researchers of fulvic and humic acid. His website is at: https://www.drnuzum.com.

Jonathan asked Dr. Nuzum to explain the difference between pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. A pharmaceutical is a patented drug, a substance that did not occur in nature. Since you can’t patent nature, a pharmaceutical has to be based on a chemical that was created or isolated in the laboratory. So, for example, dandelions cannot be patented because they are naturally-occurring substances. They weren’t created by humans.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Dr. Nuzum pointed out that 80% of the drugs in the US pharmacopeia are synthesized chemicals patterned after chemicals extracted from plants. The problem is a synthesized compound is never 100% identical to the natural compound on which it was modeled. In organic chemistry, chemicals with a right genetic spin have names that begin with a “d” (for “dextro”, the Latin word for “right”) and chemicals with a left genetic spin have names that begin with an “l” for “levro”.

In nature, almost all organic chemicals have a left spin. The natural substance has few if any negative side effects. With natural things, side effects are typically dose related because anything (even water) can have a side effect if you take too much of it.

When an organic chemical is synthesized, most of it will have a left spin, but part of it will have a right spin. That little quirk is what causes about 95% of the side effects! Synthetic versions are generally stronger than the natural version. Drugs are designed to create or stop a chemical reaction in the body – to cause the body to create a certain chemical or to stop it from producing one. To do that, they have to be very targeted, specific, and potent.

Note: While it was not mentioned in the podcast, it should be pointed out that pharmaceutical drugs are one of the leading killers of Americans. “Prescription Drugs Outpace Car Accidents as Leading Cause of Death” reports: “Car accidents have been the leading cause of death in the United States for decades. Recently, for the first time, the leading cause of death was replaced in 16 states by drugs. And not the kind of drugs you’d expect. While illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine do contribute a fair share to the death toll, the sharpest increase in fatalities was due to prescription opiates such as methadone, OxyContin and Vicodin.”

Nutraceutical Supplements

A nutraceutical is created from one or two compounds from a plant in a high concentration to have a very specific action on the body. So, what you are consuming is almost a pure phytochemical extract. Some people consider an herbal extract a nutraceutical. However, Dr. Nuzum said he considers that a food because it is not concentrated in any way.

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