‘Sing Louder…Worship Him Louder!’: Family Prays and Worships as Rescuers Perform CPR to Revive Lifeless Son

‘Sing Louder…Worship Him Louder!’: Family Prays and Worships as Rescuers Perform CPR to Revive Lifeless Son By  for Faith Wire

GNN Note – Supernatural healing. Jesus teaches us again and again that once we approach the Father in the appropriate manner we have the power of healing. Paul does a masterful job of explaining, teaching and demonstrating supernatural healing over and over and over.


The Floyd family is praising God after a pair of nurses happened to be in the right place at the right time over the weekend, saving their 12-year-old son Levi’s life during a family trip to Holden beach.

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“It was a miracle no doubt,” Lyndsey Floyd, the young boy’s mother told Fox 8 News.

It all happened last Saturday, when Levi never came up for air after diving into a wave. When Levi’s father saw that he wasn’t coming up, he rushed into the water and pulled him out—but Levi was not breathing.

“Levi’s lifeless. There was nothing,” his mother said, detailing that Levi had turned entirely blue. “It looked like [his father] threw 120 pounds of blue rubber. Like he wasn’t even a person.”

Luckily, Floyd’s cousin, who is a nurse, was also at the beach with the family. She immediately starting performing CPR on Levi, but it wasn’t working.

“She did an amazing job but there was nothing,” Lindsey Floyd said.

Derek Gibson also happened to be at the beach that day with his family. Gibson, a former Duke Life Flight nurse, saw what was going on and rushed over. Duke Life Flight provides critical care and emergence air and ground transportation in Durham, North Carolina. Gibson had the time-sensitive, life-saving experience to try and save Levi, if it wasn’t too late.

When Gibson got to Levi, he didn’t believe he was going to survive. He had vomited water from the CPR, but “at that point, he didn’t have breathing to the point it would have sustained life for him,” he explained.

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