Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

Natural Poison Ivy Remedies by: Off The Grid News

Beautiful weather means outdoor time. Gardening. Hiking. Camping. While these adventures leave lasting memories, you often can end up with a bad souvenir, in the form of a poison ivy rash.

It only takes one tiny drop of oil from poison ivy brushing up against the skin to create a body full of itchy red bumps. Luckily, as nature facilitated this reaction, nature can fix it. Here are some of the best remedies.

Remedy #1: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is to holistic health what Windex is to the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding…the answer to everything. However, ACV lends a lot more credibility than Windex…and it tastes better too. In poison ivy, urushiol is the toxin responsible for the outbreak. ACV is especially useful because it pulls toxins out of the pores. All you need is to directly apply it to the skin to draw out those itchy toxins.

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 Remedy#2: Take A Dive

One of the cheapest all-natural poison ivy remedies is to take a quick dive into the ocean. Why? The ocean is comprised of 3.5% salt. Salt speeds up the healing process by drying out the oozing rash. If you don’t live “seaside,” and the ocean isn’t a possibility, then dissolve 1 ounce of sea salt (or Himalayan Crystal Salt) into a quart of water. Voila! You still have one of the cheapest all natural poison ivy remedies.

Remedy #3: Aloe Vera

Get an aloe vera plant. It is a detoxifying air purifier for the house and one of the best all natural poison ivy remedies. In addition, they are simple to maintain and easy-to-use. Just break off an aloe leaf and squeeze the aloe out of the plant and onto the poison ivy rash. Aloe is also great for sunburn too!

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