What Happens When You Risk It All?

What Happens When You Risk It All? by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Our country was founded by men and women that were brave and stood tall. Did they make mistakes? Lots of mistakes. Did they build one of the greatest IDEA’s ever published? Absolutely. What’s usually overlooked when people discuss the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the fact the Founding Fathers actually took most of the concepts and ideas from ancient Greece, the original Republic. The United States is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. These two concepts are as different as night is different from day.

The people that came to this country, all immigrants, placed a bet, the biggest bet of their life. They bet it all and most of them won. Wether they became fabulously wealthy, which, most did not, or wether they were able to escape from an oppressive situation and simply build a better life, they all won the bet they placed.

Jon Voight was recently video taped while wiping down wet chairs at the July 4th celebration in Washington DC. The chairs were for the Angel families. While most Hollywood elites are busy shouting down to us from their ivory tower Mr. Voight was acting as if…as if people matter…as if love matters…as if doing a selfless act was enough reason to get out bed in the morning.

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Ask Ilhan Omar, AOC or Alyissa Milano, Robert DeNiro, Carl Reiner, Michael Moore when was the last time they bent down to lift someone up or to dry a seat for someone that didn’t ask for anything.

I feel confident that Mr. Voight will be ridiculed, or completely ignored, by his contemporaries for making the video below. I also feel confident he will not care two cents about what his contemporaries think. It is people like Mr Voight that built this country. They looked out the window and didn’t like what they saw. They mustered the courage and stood tall for something they believe in.

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