Allen West: Presidents Come and Go … Let’s Pray the Defenders of Our American Way of Life Never Do

Allen West: Presidents Come and Go … Let’s Pray the Defenders of Our American Way of Life Never Do By Allen West for CNS News

Two simple words, and yet, last week, they seemed to cause an ever-widening philosophical separation in these United States of America. For the progressive, socialist left, our 243rd Independence Day was relegated to yet another opportunity to criticize President Trump. Sadly, the left in America, enabled by the media pundits, lost sight of those two words, “American independence.” Instead, they focused all their emotion and angst against one person. And in doing so, they have effectively transferred their hatred of that one person into a perceived hatred of America … and we know that perceptions lend themselves to reality.

Out of the clear blue, during our independence week, there was a decision by Nike to adhere to the whims of an individual. Nike took this decision, and it placed them squarely at odds with those two words, “American independence.” The flag that Betsy Ross created was the first Flag of a new nation, one that would establish the individual rights to allowing the freedoms to burn the very flag of this nation. How interesting that the very same Betsy Ross flag draped the U.S. Capitol at the inauguration of the first “Black” president in America. Now, suddenly, the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of racism.

No, that symbol of our American independence is a standard to use against one individual, even during our independence week.

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And how is it that we even have in America, the ability to celebrate our independence?

Very few know that it was on July 3, 1775 when General George Washington took command of a little thrown together group called the Continental Army outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Before there was even an America, there was an Army, created on June 14, 1775. Later in that year, there came a Navy, October 1775, and a Marine Corps, November 1775. Sorry, President Trump. We didn’t allow the U.S. Air Force to have their own sandbox until 1948. They were previously known as the U.S. Army Air Corps. But the important point is that the Army has as its motto, “This We’ll Defend,” and what was that – not a geographic location, but a core set of principles and ideals centered around the sovereignty of the individual. It was a belief that their unalienable rights come not from man, nor government, but from our Creator, a natural right we all possess.

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