The Liberal Agenda Continues To Fail

The Liberal Agenda Continues To Fail by Rory for The Daily Coin

For the better part of the past year the number of original articles produced by The Daily Coin surrounding the people standing up to the unelected bureaucrats and spread of Christianity in the western economies around the world. The people, it seems, have had their fill of other people, in positions of authority, dictating how they live while not representing their views, their values or any aspect of their lives. There is no clearer vision of this than the recent vicious attack on Andy Ngo, a gay, Asian reporter that was beaten to within an inch of life as the Mayor of Portland, OR, allegedly, ordered the Portland PD to stand down and allow any and all violence to unfold.

During the past year reports have streamed in from the four corners of the world like Russia, France, Brazil among a great many others. The citizens of these nations have made decisions to take back their countries or simply support the values presented by the leadership whom stand on a foundation of Christianity, sovereignty and cultural heritage. Without history (cultural heritage) there is no nation, there is no foundation to stand upon.

Enter the liberal, progressive agenda

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The coastal communities here in the U.S. and in the larger cities of the U.K. and nation states throughout Europe have been breeding small groups of very, very vocal people attempting to convince the vast majority they are the majority. Their support comes from big tech companies like google and twitter in particular and corporate media. These propaganda producing, propaganda spreading machines are a force multiplier that is difficult to overcome. When a group of 30 people is made to appear the size of an entire community, region or actual state, well that’s a problem that most people can’t understand. They only see this tiny neighborhood but are made to believe this neighborhood is something of a giant. The real problem with the liberal / progressive agenda is the fact it is continually magnified by corporate media and big tech companies while the completely obliterate the real majority of voices attempting to share conservative, Christian values and ideas.

In February 2019 the article Conservatives Continue Growing As Liberals Abort Themselves From The Conservation pointed out the above stated facts regarding who is the majority and who is a tiny minority.

Within one generation the current 30% differential between conservative Christians having children and globalist inner-city liberals abandoning the idea of family or simply aborting babies creates a great divide in how a community matures. In an evenly divided community of 50/50 conservative/liberal, the pendulum swings in favor of the Christian conservatives to a 60/40 conservative/liberal and the globalist inner-city liberals are overwhelmed. Within two generations, or about 50 years, the globalist inner-city liberals no longer have a voice at all based on their self induced dwindling numbers. The ratio jumps to 75/25 conservative/liberal divide and the liberals are of no consequence at all.  No procreation, no voice.

If you’re busy with a homosexual lifestyle, abortion or simply abandoning the idea of family, well, this may be a problem for your ideas to actually get any traction or maintain momentum. Why do you think the liberal / progressive democratic 2020 Presidential candidates are so desperate to give away the wealth of our nation and attempting to flood the U.S. with border jumpers? It’s the only way they can maintain any voters at all. What they fail to understand is most central and south Americans are conservative and not liberal / progressive. The college students that have been indoctrinated over the past decade will be of no consequence, economically or otherwise, as one actually needs critical thinking skills in order to understand complex ideas and this extremely vital skill was not taught to the vast majority of recent graduates.

Liberal / Progressive Ideas Are Being Crushed

Not only does the evidence laid out above point to an inevitable end of these liberal / progressive ideas, it exposes 100% of the weakness’s in their argument.

In an interview with Financial Times Putin declares that “the liberal idea… has finally outlived its usefulness” because it no longer serves the needs of the majority of the peoples. Not “people,” mind you, but “peoples”—all different, but all the viable ones united in their steadfast adherence to the principle that family and nation (from the Latin verb nasci—to be born) are über alles. Some might perceive hints of fascism in this train of thought, but that would be akin to arguing that since fascists are known to use toothbrushes, then ipso facto toothbrushes are fascist implements to be outlawed and everyone must go back to cleaning their teeth with twigs and sticks. That Putin was able to utter words to the effect that the liberal idea is dead—something no Western leader would dare say—shows how much the world has changed.

Not that some Western leaders wouldn’t say it, if they only could. “Our Western partners,” Putin said, “have conceded that some elements of the liberal idea are simply not realistic… such as multiculturalism. Many of them conceded that yes, unfortunately it doesn’t work (LOL) and that we must remember the interests of the native population.” Not that Russia doesn’t have its share of problems related to migrants, due to its open border policy with certain former Soviet republics, but it works to resolve them by demanding competency in Russian and respect for Russian culture and traditions, while “the liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done, that migrants can rob, rape, steal, but that we must defend their rights… What rights? You broke a rule—you are punished!” Source

Once again we see more evidence of why corporate media in the western world paint Russia as the enemy, when it is fact China is a major threat, not an enemy, but the number one threat, to the west and the U.S. specifically. It is not China’s fault, they have simply been operating within the rules, policies and mandates set by the satanic globalist running the wests’ economies and politics.

The longer we look into this story the more we find. As was published in November 2018 More Evidence Supporting the “Russia Did It” Narrative Is Another Branch of Spiritual Warfare

Russia is moving in the direction of pro-life and eliminating the murder industry. The government doesn’t have to mandate anything. The people, who are some of the most spiritually based people in the world, are reaching this conclusion of their own accord. No need to legislate something the people are doing for themselves.


Is this more evidence to support my theory the satanic, “spirit cooking” devil worshiping “leaders” in the west are attempting to demonize Russia and paint them as our number 1 enemy? Is it the fact the Russian people are becoming one of the strongest Christian nations in the world a threat to the western power base?

Compare and contrast what was published in last year with what was just said in Osaka, Japan at the recently concluded G20 meeting:

Sounds like the ideas are not only in the same train of thought but they are now more developed and much more meaningful than just a year ago. This is what happens when you invite God and Jesus Christ into your life. The picture of life becomes much clearer, more beautiful and far more enriched. If your ideas stem from the enemy, the deceiver, well, you’re following the ideas and plans of an entity who’s purpose is deception. Doesn’t that in and of itself explain there may be problem from the offset?

With the 2020 Presidential election campaign beginning it will be interesting to see how far over the cliff the democratic, liberal, progressive crowd falls in their attempt to save their sinking ship. It’s difficult to have a conversation with yourself and when your agenda is based on abortion, homosexuality and debauchery at every turn there will soon be no one else to speak. It’s not that difficult to see. All one has to do is very basic math – 1 conservative + 1 conservative = 2 conservative children or viewed in democratic terms 1 liberal +1 liberal = 0 liberal children and possibly one less liberal as one of them killed the other because they were “woke” in the wrong way. Jesus Christ is Lord above all.

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